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Bathroom remodeling projects can be an exciting experience, allowing homeowners to refresh and enhance their living space. These renovations can become even more enjoyable with some help from the partners in our network. Their comprehensive approach includes everything from demolition to construction and installation services, as well as plumbing work and fixture selection assistance.

What you need to know about bathroom remodeling

Bathroom remodeling is one of the most popular home improvement projects today. Whether installing a new toilet or completely renovating your master bathroom, there are many factors to consider when undertaking any bathroom remodel. Small bathrooms often present unique challenges and require creative solutions for storage and space-saving options. Once you select the right contractor, they can discuss details such as:

  • timeline expectations
  • materials selection process
  • installation methods
  • budget boundaries

Our partners offers optimal solutions.

A complete bathroom remodel with wood cabinet sinks and free standing bathtub.

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Our bathroom tile services

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, tile work is a key component. As the foundation of any design scheme and integral in creating an inviting atmosphere, tiles are functional and beautiful. From porcelain to ceramic and natural stone options, there’s no shortage of choices when tiling your bathroom. The right selection can be determined by considering the desired color palette, budget, and maintenance needs.

There are four types of tiles usually installed in bathrooms in different areas. These include:

  • Bathroom Flooring
  • Shower
  • Backsplash
  • Walls

Our tile gurus use different materials, colors, shapes, and patterns for these tiles to add to the bathroom’s aesthetics. Ceramic tiles are highly preferred and come with several benefits for the bathroom.

Working with a professional contractor ensures that all aspects of the project will be done correctly the first time. Tiles must be installed properly if they’re going to last long-term; this includes making sure they’re level and tightly fitted together so water doesn’t seep through or cause damage over time.

Professional contractors in Ada County have comprehensive knowledge of local building codes and bathroom regulations that could come into play during the process. They should also offer helpful advice about what type of materials properly suit each application based on customer preferences and requirements.

Expert toilet installation service

Toilet installation is one of the most important steps when remodeling a bathroom. Toilets are essential to any bathroom and must be installed correctly to function properly.

Here’s how a typical toilet installation works:

    The contractors prep the floor and soil pipe
    They install soil pipe and the closet flange
    Solder the stop valve
    They install the wax ring, the bowl, the tank, and the supply line
    The seat assembly is put in place

Making your bathroom accessible to disable individuals

When considering a complete bathroom remodel, special attention must be paid to making the space accessible for disabled individuals. In addition to providing sufficient room and maneuverability in tight spaces, several other items can help make a bathroom more usable by those with disabilities.

The following list outlines essential considerations when creating an ADA-compliant bathroom:

  • Install grab bars in the shower/tub area as well as near the toilet
  • Use lever-style faucets wherever possible
  • Incorporate non-slip flooring materials
  • Lighting around mirrors for additional visibility
  • Install higher seat height on toilets
  • Adding appropriate signage

When planning a comprehensive remodeling project, these modifications should be considered to provide maximum safety and comfort while using the restroom.

Modern bathroom remodeling ideas

From modern designs featuring sleek lines and neutral tones to rustic looks inspired by nature, each design concept offers something unique in aesthetics and functionality. When it comes to remodeling a bathroom, the possibilities are endless.

Here are a few remodeling ideas for you:

  • Choose real stone tiles, as these are low-cost and add a dramatic, glamorous touch to your bathroom.
  • If you are low on budget, replacing the vanity, knobs, and drawer will significantly change your bathroom’s outlook.
  • If looking at small bathroom remodeling, refresh the paint. Choose a bold color, and you will feel the room looks fresh, inviting, and upgraded in no time or cost!
  • If needed, upgrade the tiles. You may have to up your budget, but it will give a refreshed look to the whole bathroom.
  • Add a wet room. It may be expensive, but it makes the place look elegant, spacey, and top-notch.
  • Consider the installation of bathtubs and showers for a complete master bathroom remodel.

Our partners provide comprehensive bathroom remodeling services to homeowners. Their team of experienced bathroom remodeling contractors can quickly and efficiently transform your bathroom into a modern oasis. Whether you’re looking for an entirely new look or just minor updates, our network can help you. Contact one of our partners today for a quote.